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Cleaning agent based on mineral oil. Combined with an effective corrosion protector it cleans and protects production and transport equipment used for concrete and mortar production.

  • Forms a protective film
    Decomposition of concrete deposits
    Gentle on rubber and plastic material





ISOCURE – curing agent based on a paraffin dispersion with a high sealing coefficient to protect fresh concrete from moisture loss, minimizing cracks and sanding.



ISOKHORE - Internal Curing Agent is a concentrated, internal curing agent with an integrated shrinkage component. It is added straight to the cement mixture to prevent possible damages due to insufficient curing and to generate special properties.

ISOKHORE – Shrinkage Reducer is a chemical shrinkage reducer on the basis of modified alcohols. It alters the air void structure in the hardened cement ensuring a sustainable reduction in drying shrinkage.




Release agents are effective and all-purpose concrete release agents with effective corrosion protection and stripping properties. In addition to their excellent removal qualities these products offer run-off stability with pre-heated formwork and at high temperatures.

We offer ISOFORM-solutions for all kinds of heated and unheated as well as wooden formwork.




ISOPUMP -  pumping aid cares for a ‘smooth’ pumping process. It reduces friction in concrete pumps and conveyor pipes and acts as an alternative to cement bounds.




Recycling aid is used to turn left-over concrete into granulate for further use aiming to avoid waste disposal.



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